Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Today was odd...

      Well, I didn't go to school today. Most kids my age would say "YAY" if they got the day off, but I've already missed too many days, so I'm tired of missing school. The reason why I missed school today was because I had a dentist appointment that ended up lasting longer that we expected...

       At the dentist office they have TV's in each room, so that patients can "watch TV" while they are getting worked on. The reason why I say "watch TV" is that you can't focus on a screen while they are working in your mouth. It's almost as bad as when they ask you questions why they have their hand in your mouth flossing your teeth. Why, oh why do they do that?!?! You obviously won't be able to give a clear answer. Anyways, there was this show called " the Bubble Guppies" on while I saw waiting for the dentist, and the episode was about the "Lord of the Rings". It reminded me of the Veggie Tales version :)

      If they ever ask you what flavor of paste you want on your teeth (for cleaning), I would suggest mint chocolate chip. It tasted like they were rubbing thin mints across my teeth. I am a girl that enjoys thin mints...A LOT!!! After my dentist appointment I ate a grilled stuffed nacho from Taco Bell. My day was good until that point. I believe that I got a piece of chip lodged in my gums in the back of my mouth :( My gums are currently swollen back there, and I may have to go back to the dentist tomorrow :((

      Well after that plot twist of the day, my mother and I went to Goodwill (A store where all the items have been donated). I found cool polka dotted speakers for my ipod for $2, a bobble for $4 ( a filtering water bottle), a USB fan that plugs into an adapter or the computer) for $1.99, and a few pairs of boy's gym shorts. It was a thrifty day. The picture below is of a sticker that was on the pole in the parking lot. It reminded me of the Doctor Who episode "The Empty Child" (Geeking out again).
To finish off this odd day, the moon was shining so bright and it looked like it had a face. Am I the only one that thinks that the moon looks as though it has a face? Well I tried to snap a picture of the dazzling moon, but it turned out fuzzy. I'll share it with you anyways:
I hope that you had a wonderful day. Loads more to tell you tomorrow :)

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  1. ahhh! Gasmasks! that's definitely a Doctor Who spotting. :)

    *I think the moon looks like it has a face too!