Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Autumn Reading Mission

A wonderful group of ladies/writers for a fantastic blog called The Fangirl Initiative started a Autumn Reading Mission and I'm excited to participate this year! You can find their Goodreads page here. The goal is to read 6 of the 10 prompts that I will list below. Join if you would like to! Here is the list of books that I have come up with:
1. Read something spooky, gothic, paranormal

2. Read something pumpkin related. (This prompt could be a book about pumpkins, a book with a pumpkin on the cover, a book the color of a pumpkin, anything. Feel free to be creative.)

3. Read something with less than 300 pages.

4. Read something with a place in the title

5. Read a book about sisters

6. Re-read a favorite book. The first Saturday in November is dedicated to Book Lover’s Day.

7. Read a children’s book. The third week of November is dedicated to National Children’s Book Week. Bonus points if you read with a child.

8. Read a book with magic in it.

9. Read a book you’re thankful for.Read a book and thank it (or even its author?) for existing.

10. Read a book related to fairy tales. 

                                                    Here's to warming up to a good book!

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