Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Walking Dead: Conquer


Okay so there was no physical crying on my end tonight, but internally I was crying because Father Gabriel is still alive. This season Finally was a satisfying one to say the least. 

Morgan appears to be the only person in this world that seems truly at peace. Every life is precious. Even men that mean to kill and use him as bait were given the chance to survive, He honked the horn to find out if his coast was clear, and shut the door to give them the option between life and death.

Starting with Glenn and Maggie: Maggie is becoming more like her father everyday. The strength between the two of them is phenomenal, separately making the same decision to spare justifiable bloodshed. Both had reason to kill these betrayers, considering one let walkers in and the other fired their gun, but they chose to keep the blood off of their hands.  What's to come of Nicholas? Glenn's obviously done with him. And did anyone else notice the weird shape on the side of Father Gabriel's hip? Is it a weapon? I really hope not.

Sasha...I found her actions strangely calming. I know, I know. Laying down in a pit of double-deceased walkers could warrant the title of "town lunatic", but her peace is found in this version of the world. She's camouflaged by their smell and hidden from the the vain society that is in need of her protection.

Rick wasn't only leveled by Michonne but sleep brought him back to reality. Good to see justice served at the end, and the Alexandrian's are finally coming to terms with the world's downfall.

Daryl and Aaron about gave me a heart attack tonight. I ADORED the boney woman walker under the trailer. She reminded me of Stephen King's Creepshow. Other than that, Daryl's triple chain whip was everything I never knew I needed. I vote new weapon of choice! It's the little things that make me happy.  The wolves are brilliant in their own strange nature. I like their addition to the story line.  

I can't wait to see what season 6 has in store for us and the gang. And if you didn't get to see the Fear The Walking Dead sneak peak, go watch it! I'm ecstatic to see the beginnings of the apocalypse. Something about sudden zombie home invasion and desperate, overcrowded trips to the store where a can of beans could mean your death...yesss.

Until next season!
-Erinn xx

*I'll be returning to reviewing lots of other random fandom things with you all in the next week!

Monday, March 23, 2015

The Walking Dead: Try


So this is a little late, and it might be short, but here we go.
ALL OF THE W's!!! Everywhere carved in the heads of the dead. We finally got some Daryl action, and I was mighty disturbed by the gutted woman tied to the tree. Brilliance in having her wake up! Even more creepy.

So does Nicholas have Rick's blender gun? Glenn's talk was great. For him to be able to control the urge to take revenge, I applaud him.

We had an all-women zombie massacre. Sasha was going off the deep end, which I thought would cause her to leave the group initially. I'm happy that she's not leaving, and that her aggression is being channeled into taming the undead.

Carl's got a girlfriend *insert kissy face*. On the other hand, Rick has some frustration that breaking a window couldn't even solve. How the community turns a blind eye to abuse is unsettling. Someone needs to die, and I vote porch Dick. But Michonne put a stop to Rick's heartfelt reality I guess porch Dick gets to live another week.

I heard that the season finally is going to make us cry, as it did Glenn in next week's preview.
Not ready.
I don't wanna cry.
Does anyone else get uncomfortable when music is playing?
-Erinn xx

Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Walking Dead: Spend


To quote Abraham, MOTHERDICK WAS THIS EPISODE INSANE!!! So many things were happening and rip-your-face-off intensity at every turn (sorry, too soon).

So not to get ahead of myself, let's discuss Carol and the gang back at Alexandria. First off, Daryl got his bike working and it's like a hybrid, total-apocalypse jacked bike. Love seeing him back on the road. Next we have Carol unfolding the dirty truth behind Sam's fits of anger. Now Carol's hatching a plan with Rick to take down the abusive "porch dick" aka Pete. And finally we see a hypocritical "pastor" Gabriel tear out, what looks like the whole new testament, and accuse the group of being from Satan. Possible symbolism behind his actions may be that the New Testament holds some of the prophesies of the end of the world, and the fact that he remains there could cause him to feel betrayed. Keep in mind that he shut out his entire congregation to save himself, just to exemplify my calling him a "hypocrite" earlier.

Now onto the Mission outside of the "Safe Zone". This whole episode revolved around self-preservation. The title might hint at what each individual must "spend" or give up in order to survive, and sometimes sacrifice is it's own way of lasting. Making a name for yourself, and an example to others because self-sacrificial people are the heroes in this new world. 

The construction yard was a buzz, and I was thrilled to see Abraham step it up, and take control. Not to mention take out those walkers medieval-style. Gotta build up that wall. We see our first example of abandonment here when the men were going to bail on one of their own, because a heard of walkers sneak attacked a man while he was sending a fax to Cleveland. 

Then, the whole episode took a turn for a jaw-dropping worst (or better, because those special effects were astonishing). We got another suited-up walker, and I was geeked to say the least. I'm so happy when they throw in random challenges for the group, and it was nice for Aiden to realize that the walkers are still a threat. Explosion happens, and now we have a unconscious Tara and Aiden ran through by two metal poles. Honestly, if Aiden would have made it out I think it would have been enough to redeem him from his arrogance, and bring him into the real world. Sadly, no redemption and he was abandoned by his friend Nicholas. You jerk, I hope exile comes upon you. Sorry, not sorry.

Eugene overcame his cowardly personality, protected Tara, grew a pair to take out some walkers, and almost shot Nicholas point-black. You go Eugene! You and your mullet!!

Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to Noah, we'll miss you. He finally has a dream to be an architect of some sorts and he freaking dies! Back to the whole sacrifice thing, Noah gave himself to save Glenn almost as a payment for Tyreese and Beth. They saved him from hospital captivity, and showed him that even the lost can make it. Just to sum up what Steven Yeun (Glenn) shared on Talking Dead, he spoke of how Noah mirrored Glenn's character arc. He saw himself in him, and that's partially why it was so hard to see him die at the hands of walkers. Up close on the other side of the glass he witnessed, not only a friend, but his former self die. 

This episode was an emotional roller coaster, but chalked full of symbolism and growth. It isn't enough to say this is one of my favorite episodes of this season, but one of my favorite episodes in the entirety of this series.

Things are changing. Characters are altering their entire mental philosophies in order to make it. "This is the beginning" marked Noah's first journal page, and I took that message from this episode to hold for the future of not only the show, but for my personal journey.

-Erinn xx

Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Walking Dead: Forget


      I'm now paying attention to the names of the episodes, they seem have a message within themselves. Last week's being "Remember", they recalled everything that they had gone through up to this point. This week's "Forget", a entertaining party that would be featured in Martha Stewart's magazine. Speaking of Martha Stewart, NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR DANG PASTA MAKER!! Seriously, it's the apocalypse, be lucky you have food. 

      It was basically revealed, to the comic book readers, that Sasha is going to replace Andrea as the town's sharp-shooter. This gets me pretty excited, I was worried about Sasha for a minute there. Anyone else notice that the two dead walkers laying on the ground (When Carol, Rick, and Daryl met up) looked like the couple in the photos Sasha was using for target practice? Just a theory.

Then we get to see another horse go down :( RIP Buttons. I'm liking Aaron's proposal to Daryl, and I can't wait to see Mr.Dixon on a bike again. It's been too long! I might be alone on liking the idea of Daryl searching for recruits, in the aspect that he'll be able to tell a person's character right off the bat. His walls are built up so much that trust will have to be proven completely before someone new steps in the gates. What I don't like is Daryl being gone for long periods of time, and risking being captured by hidden horrors. 

      Carol's decided flowers are a thing of the past, it's cookies now! Watch out boy, she'll getcha. Love, love, LOVE the sheepish character she is playing around the Alexandria residents. 

      They finally noticed the W's creeping around them in a walker's head tonight. The thing is, the walker was alive (if I'm not mistaken). I believe it was some kind of set up from these so-called "wolves", maybe so they could get away unseen.

      And then the party happened. We met "porch dick", to quote the hilarious Chris Hardwick (the Nerdist, Talking Dead host). Rick made a move, one that I don't like because it's basically what Shane did in season 1. The only difference is: Jessie's husband is alive and Rick is fully aware of it. Deanna convinced Sasha to come to the shindig full of blissfully unaware folk causing a major blow up on Sasha's part after a question about a preferred meal. Her statement about the woman "being worried that she won't like it" was a GREAT slap of reality for the group. The title may have been "forget" but I don't think the group will have any time for that, as long as they don't fall into a child-like mindset. 

Also, the walker scratching on the walls...Foreshadowing.

Walker's got your tongue?
-Erinn xx

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Trying Out New Styles

I don't normally post my art here, but I figured I should! So here's a colored pencil/ watercolor of Charlie Bradbury from Supernatural. If there are any other requests for drawings, please let me know!
(line work):

(filled in):
-Erinn xx

Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Walking Dead: Remember


So tonight we said bye-bye to Rick's beard and my mind just kept repeating "OH WHYYYYYY". I admit that I am a lover of bearded faces. Moving on from that sad moment... Daryl kept his dirty self the same by refusing to give in to the shower, and I'm thankful because that bathroom stole Rick's rough bearded face. I'm sorry, now on to some actual thoughts.

Mysterious comic book girl that creeps over the fence...I'm wondering if she has Rick's blender gun??? She managed to get out of Carl's sights. Also, is she replacing the young female role in Carl's life that Sophia played in the comics? For those of you that don't read the comics, Sophia, aka barn walker, was still alive at this point and became Carl's "girlfriend" of some sorts. 

Another comic-lead question: Who will replace the position that Andrea played in the books? Our sharp shooter is missing and that's not something that I want cut out of the show. Maybe Tara could step up and take 'em out? I would love to see her character developed more. Talking about her stepping up, how about those special effects tonight? Some may find it utterly disgusting but the way the flesh peeled off of that walker was FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC!!! 

The ending scene with Carol, Rick, and Daryl was a great gateway into how the group will approach the Alexandria Safe Zone, and I'm excited for what's ahead.

This girl is off to bed. 
Good night,
Sleep tight,
don't let the walkers bite!
-Erinn xx