Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Walking Dead: Forget


      I'm now paying attention to the names of the episodes, they seem have a message within themselves. Last week's being "Remember", they recalled everything that they had gone through up to this point. This week's "Forget", a entertaining party that would be featured in Martha Stewart's magazine. Speaking of Martha Stewart, NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR DANG PASTA MAKER!! Seriously, it's the apocalypse, be lucky you have food. 

      It was basically revealed, to the comic book readers, that Sasha is going to replace Andrea as the town's sharp-shooter. This gets me pretty excited, I was worried about Sasha for a minute there. Anyone else notice that the two dead walkers laying on the ground (When Carol, Rick, and Daryl met up) looked like the couple in the photos Sasha was using for target practice? Just a theory.

Then we get to see another horse go down :( RIP Buttons. I'm liking Aaron's proposal to Daryl, and I can't wait to see Mr.Dixon on a bike again. It's been too long! I might be alone on liking the idea of Daryl searching for recruits, in the aspect that he'll be able to tell a person's character right off the bat. His walls are built up so much that trust will have to be proven completely before someone new steps in the gates. What I don't like is Daryl being gone for long periods of time, and risking being captured by hidden horrors. 

      Carol's decided flowers are a thing of the past, it's cookies now! Watch out boy, she'll getcha. Love, love, LOVE the sheepish character she is playing around the Alexandria residents. 

      They finally noticed the W's creeping around them in a walker's head tonight. The thing is, the walker was alive (if I'm not mistaken). I believe it was some kind of set up from these so-called "wolves", maybe so they could get away unseen.

      And then the party happened. We met "porch dick", to quote the hilarious Chris Hardwick (the Nerdist, Talking Dead host). Rick made a move, one that I don't like because it's basically what Shane did in season 1. The only difference is: Jessie's husband is alive and Rick is fully aware of it. Deanna convinced Sasha to come to the shindig full of blissfully unaware folk causing a major blow up on Sasha's part after a question about a preferred meal. Her statement about the woman "being worried that she won't like it" was a GREAT slap of reality for the group. The title may have been "forget" but I don't think the group will have any time for that, as long as they don't fall into a child-like mindset. 

Also, the walker scratching on the walls...Foreshadowing.

Walker's got your tongue?
-Erinn xx

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