Monday, March 23, 2015

The Walking Dead: Try


So this is a little late, and it might be short, but here we go.
ALL OF THE W's!!! Everywhere carved in the heads of the dead. We finally got some Daryl action, and I was mighty disturbed by the gutted woman tied to the tree. Brilliance in having her wake up! Even more creepy.

So does Nicholas have Rick's blender gun? Glenn's talk was great. For him to be able to control the urge to take revenge, I applaud him.

We had an all-women zombie massacre. Sasha was going off the deep end, which I thought would cause her to leave the group initially. I'm happy that she's not leaving, and that her aggression is being channeled into taming the undead.

Carl's got a girlfriend *insert kissy face*. On the other hand, Rick has some frustration that breaking a window couldn't even solve. How the community turns a blind eye to abuse is unsettling. Someone needs to die, and I vote porch Dick. But Michonne put a stop to Rick's heartfelt reality I guess porch Dick gets to live another week.

I heard that the season finally is going to make us cry, as it did Glenn in next week's preview.
Not ready.
I don't wanna cry.
Does anyone else get uncomfortable when music is playing?
-Erinn xx

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