Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Walking Dead: Remember


So tonight we said bye-bye to Rick's beard and my mind just kept repeating "OH WHYYYYYY". I admit that I am a lover of bearded faces. Moving on from that sad moment... Daryl kept his dirty self the same by refusing to give in to the shower, and I'm thankful because that bathroom stole Rick's rough bearded face. I'm sorry, now on to some actual thoughts.

Mysterious comic book girl that creeps over the fence...I'm wondering if she has Rick's blender gun??? She managed to get out of Carl's sights. Also, is she replacing the young female role in Carl's life that Sophia played in the comics? For those of you that don't read the comics, Sophia, aka barn walker, was still alive at this point and became Carl's "girlfriend" of some sorts. 

Another comic-lead question: Who will replace the position that Andrea played in the books? Our sharp shooter is missing and that's not something that I want cut out of the show. Maybe Tara could step up and take 'em out? I would love to see her character developed more. Talking about her stepping up, how about those special effects tonight? Some may find it utterly disgusting but the way the flesh peeled off of that walker was FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC!!! 

The ending scene with Carol, Rick, and Daryl was a great gateway into how the group will approach the Alexandria Safe Zone, and I'm excited for what's ahead.

This girl is off to bed. 
Good night,
Sleep tight,
don't let the walkers bite!
-Erinn xx

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