Sunday, April 19, 2015

Supernatural: Book of the Damned


Charlie is back!!!!! Love her.She is a walking talking reference maker...much like someone else I know *couch*me*cough*. She was wearing a Lumberjanes shirt :)))) I should take the time now to apologize for how many references I make in a single conversation, but I won't because it's classic stuff you should know. Anyways..... I'm glad to see Charlie back on the hunt and I hope she's here to stay for a bit. 

Castiel, or should I say BLASTIEL?!?! That library-shredding up after he got his grace back was satisfying to say the least. Metatron is on the loose, just as I hoped. I'm sorry people but I was getting tired of him being locked away. I don't like the guy one bit, but his annoyance grinds Castiel's gears and I do enjoy angry Cas, 

Dean's accepting the mark and Sam's burning books (just not the right ones). SAMMY!!!! Don't trust evil red-headed women!! Those gals aren't to be messed with: Abaddon, anyone that watches Game of Thrones knows how cunning Melisandre is, and now Rowena. Those three could really screw with the world. 

Will the Winchester's ever learn?
Probably not...and I can't use the whole "after they're dead" part of that phrase because we all know they'll find a way out.

Also, sadly we lost Jaap Broeker in January (I didn't realize this until the credits rolled for this episode) and I wanted to pay tribute to this great man. He played many great roles, but the most memorable for me was his role as Yappi in the X Files

reminding me to always stay true to what I believe.
-Erinn xx

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