Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Quick Update!

      SOOO besides the normal tv discussion and Fandom Friday, I will start putting up book reviews again as I have decided to take up the 2015 Reading challenge along with my 100 Books in a year. The 2015 Reading Challenge that POPSUGAR posted was suggested by a friend and I finally (sorry) got to really read through it, and I decided that it would be PERFECT to help guide the rest of the books I read this year. Basically, some of the list I will mark off if I feel that my previous reads fulfilled the task and the rest will determine future reads. Some examples include: "A Classic Romance" or "A Book with Nonhuman Characters" cool right?

      Also, I am almost done "shelving" all of my books on Goodreads so you can check out stuff I own, more up-to-date stats on my reading challenge, and books I plan to read. If you're a member, you can send me book suggestions (which I would ADORE!!) because who doesn't love having someone else to gush over a book with?

                                                         -Erinn xx

Below is a picture of the 2015 Reading Challenge (you might have to open in a new tab):

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