Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Quick Update!

      SOOO besides the normal tv discussion and Fandom Friday, I will start putting up book reviews again as I have decided to take up the 2015 Reading challenge along with my 100 Books in a year. The 2015 Reading Challenge that POPSUGAR posted was suggested by a friend and I finally (sorry) got to really read through it, and I decided that it would be PERFECT to help guide the rest of the books I read this year. Basically, some of the list I will mark off if I feel that my previous reads fulfilled the task and the rest will determine future reads. Some examples include: "A Classic Romance" or "A Book with Nonhuman Characters" cool right?

      Also, I am almost done "shelving" all of my books on Goodreads so you can check out stuff I own, more up-to-date stats on my reading challenge, and books I plan to read. If you're a member, you can send me book suggestions (which I would ADORE!!) because who doesn't love having someone else to gush over a book with?

                                                         -Erinn xx

Below is a picture of the 2015 Reading Challenge (you might have to open in a new tab):

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Supernatural: Book of the Damned


Charlie is back!!!!! Love her.She is a walking talking reference maker...much like someone else I know *couch*me*cough*. She was wearing a Lumberjanes shirt :)))) I should take the time now to apologize for how many references I make in a single conversation, but I won't because it's classic stuff you should know. Anyways..... I'm glad to see Charlie back on the hunt and I hope she's here to stay for a bit. 

Castiel, or should I say BLASTIEL?!?! That library-shredding up after he got his grace back was satisfying to say the least. Metatron is on the loose, just as I hoped. I'm sorry people but I was getting tired of him being locked away. I don't like the guy one bit, but his annoyance grinds Castiel's gears and I do enjoy angry Cas, 

Dean's accepting the mark and Sam's burning books (just not the right ones). SAMMY!!!! Don't trust evil red-headed women!! Those gals aren't to be messed with: Abaddon, anyone that watches Game of Thrones knows how cunning Melisandre is, and now Rowena. Those three could really screw with the world. 

Will the Winchester's ever learn?
Probably not...and I can't use the whole "after they're dead" part of that phrase because we all know they'll find a way out.

Also, sadly we lost Jaap Broeker in January (I didn't realize this until the credits rolled for this episode) and I wanted to pay tribute to this great man. He played many great roles, but the most memorable for me was his role as Yappi in the X Files

reminding me to always stay true to what I believe.
-Erinn xx

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Five Fandom Friday: 5 Magical Items I Would Love To Own

Sorry I'm two days late...things flipped drastically in my life and it's all a bit maddening and confusing. All the more reason to occupy my mind with other things like this.

1. Time Turner- Fixing mistakes I made would be a bonus, but I honestly would use it to watch/finish more tv series haha!!

2. Bilbo's Mithril Shirt- Not that I'm planning on getting stabbed any time soon, but one can't be sure...and it's beautiful.

3. Morgana's Healing Bracelet- This kept her dreams at bay, oh how I would enjoy going to sleep without a thousand thoughts at once.

4. TARDIS- Time travel, again!!! But more people can come with me.

5. Dean's Amulet- okay okay, I know this isn't particularly magical but the reminder that life isn't a burden you carry alone, but others will be there to relieve the pain.

Bippity Boppity BAM there's my list!
-Erinn xx

Friday, April 3, 2015

5 Fandom Friday: Five Times I Totally Fangirled

I've been following Super Space Chick and The Nerdie Girlie for a bit and I adore their concept of 5 Fandom Friday, so I decided to join in on the fun! I decided to do my own twist on the sign: the salt shaker and match for Supernatural. Sonic Screwdriver, Doctor Who. Lightsaber, Star Wars. And the Pineapple for Psych. 

1. When Shawn and Juliet got together on Psych

...and then coming to find out they're dating in real life!!!!!!!!!!

2. Watching Jensen Ackles as the character Priestly in 10 Inch Hero

Not only does he steal my heart as Dean Winchester but as a punk, pierced sandwich maker :) His attitude about appearances is beautiful and I still haven't gotten over this role yet.

3. Going to see 5SOS in concert last year

4. Reading the ending to Torrent (3rd book in the River Of Time series)

<3<3 Lord Greco <3<3

5. This last season of Walking Dead I geeked out about plots, character development, and symbolism...yeah I'm that kind of fan :)