Saturday, February 28, 2015

New Library Haul!

I know I still have to review a few from my last haul still, but these came in and I couldn't help myself! So many good things are being read and I can't wait to share the happiness with you. The picture above is what I got yesterday if you're interested in getting a heads up on the reviews to come, or if you wanna read along with me.


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

T.V.Wrap-Up Feb 16-22

      Since I watch numerous series on television (as well as previously on) and I feel like I can't really discuss all of the beauty that goes into individual episodes. That being said, I'm going to attempt discussing my feelings and favorite parts of each thing I watch each week. Almost like a comic pull list, but with tv! Also, feel free to write your opinions down below. Note: THIS MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS AS I AM DISCUSSING CURRENT EPISODES' HAPPENINGS!!!!
Grimm: Pilot

Started watching Grimm last night and boy! am I liking it. It reminds me of a few episodes of Supernatural, and that's why I got turned onto this series. Always liked the Brothers Grimm collection of tales. I guess I enjoy dark and twisted things.

                               Supernatural: The Exocutioner's Song Season 10 Episode 14

   Cain is back! Well was back. Honestly that was too quick and I personally don't think he's dead. We saw a weak Dean and a very concerned Sam. The mark is here to stay. Also, Cain...don't even go there. Dean kill Sam???? That would be one epic way to end the series. Fellow fans, do you remember when Dean revealed to Sam that their father's dying words were that he might have to kill Sam? NO NO NO NO I don't want to see that. All of Dean's life was a constant drilling reminder to save Sam, even if that meant losing his life. 

The Walking Dead: The Distance Season 5 Episode 11

awwww baby Judith playing with daddy Rick's rugged apocalypse beard! Possible poisonous apple sauce from stranger Aaron caused the new guy to take a trip down memory lane recalling his mother, and now Rick, forcing him to eat the mush. Safety first! Those not obeying traffic laws would be Glenn off-roading into a horde of walkers. Such an intense moment!!!!! Gah I love it when the group has to face walkers that frighten them. The point they're at now in the series almost seems like walkers aren't the real threat, it's people. But walkers at night time...WHOA BUDDY they're coming out of no where. Children of the Corn Walkers!! We get to see Michonne make a decision for the group and the push and pull in her relationship with Rick. For those that watch Talking Dead, we got to see a snippet of next week's episode. No weapons??? How dare you say that to a man with a baby in one arm and a gun in the other! This season is sticking closer to the comics than ever before, which keeps me one step ahead and it gives me the ability to fully appreciate the creative process put into making the show. 

Gotham: The Blind Fortune Teller Season 1 Episode 16

HOLY BATMAN! If you aren't watching Gotham, it's not too late. Find yourself a way to watch this show. Before I exhume my love for Cameron Monaghan's portrayal of the Joker, let me discuss the brilliance of this episode. So Barbra came back, and saw that James Gordon moved on. YAY, sorry for anyone that likes them together. Bruce just burned Wayne Enterprise employees, and pointed out their scum-level activities. We met John Grayson pre-death. For those that don't follow the comics, John is Dick Grayson's father. Dick Grayson is the first Robin and later becomes Nightwing!!!! Finally, Jerome aka the Joker. All of the awards should go to Monaghan's performance. Everything was perfect. It was if he's studied all previous renditions of the character and morphed them into one. This scene above sent chills down my spine. The laugh alone sent me into clapping-seal mode. My dad was tearing up (that rarely happens).I can't wait to see his character flushed-out. I wonder if they'll send him to Arkham Asylum and play out his take over of the loony bin. I hope so!

Television giving me so many feelings. Why so serious Script Writers????? I adore their work and am constantly excited to see the next episode!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Supernatural Novels

      Thanks to my public library, I was able to pick up 3 different Supernatural books that have been sitting in my amazon wish list for a while. They were MARVELOUS!! So happy that I got a chance to read them, and I thought I might as well share these beauties with you all.

Ahhh Bobby, oh how I love you. Bobby singer is one of my favorite characters on the televison series because he's honest with the boys and treats them like his own children. David Reed (who is a writer on the show) has found a way to write in Bobby's voice throughout this novel. He has the same mannerisms as the character played by Jim Beaver. This was the best, in my opinion, of the 3. We get not only a journal on hunting tips, but an actual hunt within the pages. Bobby is losing his memory after an encounter with an unknown creature, and decides to write as much as he can remember for the boys to pick up where he left off. At the end we even get a little Dean action as he attempts to write an ending. This book is full of little Winchester feels:)

John Winchester's journal was the next book on my list, and I'm sad to say that this one fell short of my expectations :( It was a good read, and great to read about the boy's childhood (or lack of). But it had some wrong information that threw me off a little. It also had more of a diary feel to it that the journal that they use on the show. This one was more about the boys than about the monsters. Honestly, if this was the journal the boys found, they'd be screwed. If you look past those things, it isn't a bad edition to a supernatural collection.

Nathan Brown knows his stuff! I recommend this to EVERYONE. Both fans and non-fans alike. Being a history/mythology buff, this novel satisfies all of my needs. It goes behind the symbols and creature origins. I really can't describe how perfect this novel is. It's so informational and cool to see where the writers got the inspiration for everything that goes into the show.

I'm still working my way through the Supernatural Anime series (YESSSSSS) and I'll tell you all about that when I finish. So many things to review for you and I've fallen into the beautiful pages of graphic novels:)))) *swoon* 

Monday, February 16, 2015


 I picked Remnants (Lisa T. Bergren) again, and I'm enjoying it even more than I did a little while back. I just finished Vol.2 of Saga and I can't wait to get the next one. The story is different than anything else I've read, and that's probably why I like it so much. I've also been reading movie adaptation novels (Underworld, Resident Evil) and I'm starting the Scott Pilgrim series.

      I can't finish Dark Angel :((((( Unless I can find it online, because the library copy was scratched to bits and the discs won't play. I'll try to find it elsewhere. I'm almost through my quest to watch Jensen Ackles' Filmography. He's an incredible actor, and it's quite funny to watch him "grow up" on the screen. I'm watching Gilmore Girls with my sister. It's her first time :)) Other than that, all of the usuals: Walking Dead, Supernatural, Gotham, How I Met Your Mother, Sleepy Hollow (I'm behind), and a few others.
My television praise goes to a new series called "Hindsight". It's about a girl that gets a chance to relive her life starting the day that she got married. It takes place in the 90's, and the music is FANTASTIC! Oh how I wish I could have been there for more of it

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My apprenticeship at the Tattoo Shop.

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All things 90's

Be sure to check out my 100 Movies/Books in a Year lists, as I update them almost daily! -Erinn xx

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Library Haul: Buffy The Vampire Slayer Graphic Novels


      I can't get over how great these were! These were the Season 8 Volumes and they were all about Buffy facing Twilight, plus other monsters, with her legion of slayers. Different take of the Buffy story, but I liked it none the less. The artwork is beautiful and I want to hang all of it on my wall. 

      This is the "beginning" of my Buffy era. I purchased all of the Buffy novels that were put into a 3 volume set. I'll be reading those next after I finish my current library haul and Remnants by Lisa T. Bergren. 
^ Here's the first volume in the series I'm talking about. Other than the books, I started watching the show, and I'm in season 2. Sadly, I would be farther but I'm super busy! I'm off to continue reading! 

-Erinn xx

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Library Haul: Supernatural Graphic Novels

      Here, as promised, is the first review of many that is involved with my online library discovery haul! The website is like one big black hole, and I'm not even trying to crawl out of it. If Cas came to grip me tight and raise me out I would put an angel banishing sigil on my laptop. The only downfall is that there are some books not in the data base. I wonder if there's a way to request... There were only 2 SPN comics so I grabbed up both:
Supernatural: Origins
This was the first installment, and it was a solid beginning. 
the comic doesn't focus on Dean and Sam's hunting adventures, rather their father's. Different take on the whole situation, but it showcases the struggle John Winchester went through transforming from a small town father into a hunter of unnatural beings.

Supernatural: Beginning's End
      My favorite of the two I read, this is the third installment. We get to see the Winchester family on a father-son-son hunt. The dynamics of the trio hunting highlights the differences between the brothers and John's unfair treatment he's been giving the boys since their mother's accident. The protective Dean helps Sam get through their father's neglect causes me many feels. As it will to other fans of the brotherhood.

Next review should be over the Supernatural Novels :)
-Erinn xx

Monday, February 2, 2015

Just so you know


  I'm going to post the reviews for these books/films in groups (Buffy, Supernatural, Jensen Ackles, etc). Be ready for some great suggestions because I've been thoroughly impressed with all!!
-Erinn xx