So happy that you stumbled upon my blog! My name is Erinn (with two-n’s), American, and I’m currently 18. I listen to classic rock, punk, pop punk, and whatever my friends turn me on to. I’m lactose intolerant but I enjoy grilled cheese.
 Firm believer in working hard to accomplish your goals, and not listening to the suggestions of society. I just got a job as a tattoo apprentice, so I'm working towards that career for my future.

I have a quirky sense of style, while it has mostly been in my head, that I am developing from loves in my life and things that fuel my passions. My style is 90's teen, grungy, slightly punk, conservative, vintage, bleached, Artsy, Thrifty, and a rock'n'roll garbage pail. Old concert T-shirts are my favorite, and you can never have enough tie dye! I wish I could wear scarf headbands or beanies all day. While this is not a fashion blog, It won't restrict me from posting those things.

I didn't create this blog entirely for myself, I created it to make somebody's life that much more creative. I hope by reading these random and out of the box posts you begin to feel that inner you become who you are to the rest of the world. I'm learning everyday to be my own person and I wish for you to do the same.


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