Friday, October 16, 2015

Supernatural: Form and Void


      This season is starting off wonderfully and I can't wait to see where it ends up (not in Heaven or Hell as we found out).

     Psychic Sam appears to be a thing again, which I approve of because those were "good" times. Weird phrase to use when speaking about this show but you know what I mean. I also forgot to mention how shocked and happy I was to hear Sam confront Dean in the first episode, about how the job has changed them and that they need to get back to saving people. It's this kind of character development that makes my heart swell.

      Castiel is tortured and unravels Hannah's plan, pushes the dreaded pins of the mind reading contraption out of his skull, and kills all of his betrayers. Sir, you are developing nicely. Note: Hannah's death was jaw dropping in the most literal sense.

      While Dean is away, we get to meet a new reaper named Billie. If I haven't said this before, I love the idea and the presence that reapers have in this series. They make my top 10 list of favorite supernatural beings. Billie mentions " the old Death" and I wondered if there will be a replacement. Sam learns that the forces that be plan on making their current life their last. No more coming back. It'll be interesting to see how that turns out. Sam turns to God in the chapel and prays for a sign, he has a vision of him in Hell. Like I mentioned before, I would love to see the return of Psychic Sam. Sam also discovers that holy oil and fire may be the cure for this rabid human disease.

Amara has shown that she has the power to move objects. She can also write out words in English by chucking building blocks into the wall. Nest time a child writes something with marker on a wall, be thankful. Jenna calls Dean to tell him something is wrong, and by the time he arrives, Jenna's grandma has called an exorcist. Father Crowley *claps like an idiot*. Jenna checks in on Amara and gets put into a possession-like state and kills her grandma. So I questioned if Amara was going to be full-blown evil baby or just a baby with a dark side. Well we found out she's evil and she eats souls. Lovely.

                                                                  See you next week darlings!

Supernatural: Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire

      We heard over the break from J^2 and Jeremy Carver that the show was returning to the basics for the brothers, which I'm not complaining. I loved the monster hunts, and unexpected evil. By the looks of the big, dark question mark that the Darkness is, the classic theme has returned. I'm sold with whatever they do, so yes this probably sounds biased. On with thoughts about the premier...

      Satisfaction guaranteed, The Darkness has come, no one has a clue what it is or how to cure it. The humanoid creatures that the people become kind of reminds me of croatoan. Which is FANTASTIC! Rabid humans that have no set progression to the illness and die if they don't consume another being. RAD. We meet a brave cop named Jenna who took out a construction crew of these vainy humans. I really like her character so far, and I'm hoping she lasts.

      On the other hand, Crowley leaves his vessel and temporarily inhabits a female. Not going to lie, I was slightly upset and thought Mark Sheppard was finished. But no fear! he returns to his normal body after some repairs by his minions. Castiel is trying his best not to go rogue and ends up being captured by Angels seeking revenge. I'm liking this dark Castiel, it's nice to see Misha showcasing the multiple personalities and dimensions he can offer to a character.

      Meanwhile Dean, takes Jenna and Amara to Jenna's grandma's house. Side note: Can we please see Dean change a diaper again??? Sammy gets it when his hide-in-a-closet-until-they-die plan fails. He just got done saying that it might be passed through the fluids, and he gets a mouthful of blood from the closet creature. The episode closes with us finding out Amara's birthmark is the Mark of Cain.

      So that leaves me to wonder if Amara is evil completely, or just a child of ill-fortune who is going to have to work hard to overcome her inner darkness? Could she be like the Amazon baby from season 7 Ep.13 (the Slice Girls) where she ages rapidly?

                                                               Loving evil babies since 2005,

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Walking Dead: First Time Again

      And we're back with an amazing, blood-pumping season opener! I finally was spooked again by a walker, and I enjoyed it. Though I highly doubt I would want that in real life! RIP Carter. We picked up this season right where we left off: Porch Dick was killed as well as Deanna's husband Reg. We then get to see some of the most interesting flash backs I've witnessed on television. Way to go production team for not making it another run of the mill flashback episode.

      While I'm at it I want to proclaim my deep love for the black and white footage. I wish there was a way I could watch all of the previous seasons, as well as some of my other television shows, in black and white. I have a weakness for this kind of footage. I could see everything clearer and the details were PHENOMENAL! Someone needs to find a way to do that, or hey, maybe I will!

      I was happy to see some new/familiar faces last night from the comic books, as well as the breathtaking shot of the zombie pit.

      It was nice to see some of Rick's humanity return to him, or should I say start of apocalypse personality... either way I believe Morgan's return will be a blessing.

      I can't wait until the next episode, what am I saying?!?! THIS SEASON! It's nice to return here. I promise the Supernatural reviews are coming, and just so you know I don't have cable and these reviews will be up the day after their release.

                                                                Don't drop the jam!!
                                                                -Erinn Leach