Sunday, May 24, 2015

Supernatural Season 10 Finale

So I finally calmed down enough to post the FEELS that happened last Wednesday. "My Brother's Keeper" was genius. To anyone that has taken a break or found it hard to push through season 9/half-way through season 10...please just continue. It was emotionally satisfying and FULL of Character development.


I do realize that I have also haven't posted since before a certain charming geek girl passed. RIP Charlie I loved her beautiful madness and I will miss the constant verbal references to other things I love. Charlie was a character that I wish would have had more time on the show, but each spot she had was gold. Thanks again Felicia Day for portraying the beloved character, you rock!

I really enjoyed the Styne family, despite their fatal decision to kill Charlie. They were almost like the Leviathan in the sense that they killed (mostly) for survival. Their back story was fascinating, and I like the twist that Mary Shelly came to their house, saw the horror, and wrote a book that no one believed. They were such an interesting group and a great addition to the last half of this season. Shout out to Eldon Styne and his dapper fashion sense.

Now to the mind-blowing Finale. Dean just kills all of the people. Angry Dean is a favorite of mine, not gonna lie. Then we have the Crowley/ Rowena confrontation. Now I do wish that it would have gone down different, I'm not a big fan of her and what happened to demon Crowley?? I want his eyes to glow red again like in the previous episode :( I'd say that was my only disappointment with this episode. Then I cried like a child when Death died. Dean, why?!?! I do understand why but I just like to question motives for the sake of being a fangirl. Death was also one of my long-time favorites on the show. AND THEN WE HAVE THE LIFE THREATENING BEAUTY THAT IS THE DARKNESS.

My friends...oh my friends. I am in literal awe of how disturbingly beautiful the darkness is. The whole idea that God locked up the darkness to create the world. That the Mark of Cain was the KEY to locking/unlocking said darkness. That Lucifer was given said key and THAT is what corrupted his senses and lead him to jealousy, falling away from God, and being cast from Heaven. Finally giving Cain the mark to bear for spilling the first blood to show all the crime he committed. That right there is written genius. GAH I don't think I could love these writers more. They have found a way to write in these Biblical stories without blaspheming any of it.

Then the darkness strikes and rises out of the ground pillowing out in a black mass to slowly cover the earth. Season 11, here we come! I am BEYOND stoked for season 11, and if this is it, I feel that it will be the most satisfying series conclusion I've ever witnessed.

Blowing minds further: Let's just connect these happenings to previous encounters shall we

this was Michael possessing John Winchester's vessel telling Dean that he could have possessed anyone in their family line, further emphasising the fact that everything that is happening to Dean s.10 was meant to be and there's not a thing that he could do remove himself from this destiny.
and here we have Lucifer using Sam's vessel to let Dean know they have a plan for him. Something that won't change. I know I know, this conversation involved convincing Dean to give himself to Michael for a vessel but you know how sneaky those writers are. And guess what season this is from...season 5.

If Death is dead, can anyone die? Who will collect the souls?
-Erinn xx

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