Friday, May 23, 2014

Nightfall 3

      This comic book is part of the Nightfall series, it is issue #3 (of 5) and it is inspired by the incredible television series "24". The television series itself is amazing and I am an avid watcher. So I suggest reading not only the comic books, but the t.v show.

      This issue follows Jack Bauer as he continues his dangerous mission without help from Robert Ellis. Senator Palmer is being questioned for his actions at a recent fundraiser by Charles Logan. I unfortunately can't give you much more information without spoiling the whole thing.

An Abundance of Katherines

      Continuing my 100 Book challenge I read "An Abundance of Katherines" by John Green
 This book was a fun one to read. It's written in the perspective of a young man named Colin, who has dated 19 Katherines and is trying to be a genius and have his "Eureka" moment. I did like reading this book because it has a great plot and wonderful character development. It contained a good lesson as well (John Green never fails to accomplish that in his books), and it wasn't hard to follow. I do have to say that I would give it a 10 out of 19 Katherines because while it was good, I felt that there was so much more that could have happened in Colin's story. That may just be me though, because I want to know what happens next.

Bucket List #88

      The other day I went with my good friend to Starbucks and we both gave fake names:)hehehe. She was Ruby and I was Lilith. Yes, those are demons from the television show "Supernatural" (we're both HUGE fans). This isn't the first time that I've done this, the first time I said that my name was "Georgia Rose" (One Direction). I'm pretty positive that they knew it wasn't my name but oh well. So yeah, here's proof of my adventure:
~and if you're wondering I got a Passion Tea Lemonade Sweetened and Blended, so it was like a slushy:)

Monday, May 5, 2014

Doctor Who Comic Series

       These are truly a pleasure to read, as a whovian and a comic book enthusiast. The first comic I read was the 50th anniversary edition and it featured the Doctor being transported to the real world in which we live in (outside of the TV show) and everyone calling him "Matt Smith". It was very funny to see him in complete confusion, and the "real life" Matt Smith wore baggy clothes and sunglasses! It had such a fantastic lesson that the Doctor learns as well. He gets to see how this TV show has inspired people to chase after their dreams and discover new talents. How Doctor Who has united them to become a strong arsenal of proud geeky people. AMAZING!!!!! If you see it, pick it up. I give it a five out of five sweater vests.

      The second comic that I read, also Doctor Who, was enjoyable but not as impressive. Two out of five Cybermen.

7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens

      7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens by Sean Covey: This book is a great read. While some parts of the novel I couldn't relate to, there were numerous topic discussions that I benefited from. The greatest being how to listen to people, and how this helps avoid arguments. I would recommend this to any teen or pre-teen that wants to develop excellent social skills. I'd give this novel a four out of five thumbs up.

The Great Gatsby

      Here is the first book in my "100 Book Challenge I started. I am currently at book 17 so I have a few to take pictures of to share :)

      Well this amazing book I read for my English class, hence all of the post-it notes sticking out at the top. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this and will probably re-read this one in my future. It is very dramatic, made me angry at times, and gave me a great lesson from it all. I would give this a four out of five green lights. Hope you enjoy the nice costume I came up with!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Photo Shoot

      Here's some shots from a recent photoshoot I did with my sister. The photos have been edited already, I was trying something new. Let me know what you think.

Spring Cleaning

     Time for an update! I know that I have changed the title to this blog billions of times, but I am finally satisfied with one: "Running Erinns". Little story about this and  then I'll get to the update. Whenever someone says that they have to "run some errands" I always hear my name and have often been confused. Well I also feel like the whole point of this blog is to share my life from people to possibly inspire or give a good chuckle to someone. I'm pretty much on the run with school and things like that so running erinns is the story of my life. My journey my adventures. Hope the title sticks too :)

     Besides the blog title update I am finishing the school year. I'm almost a senior! Wow...anyways the summer is sooo close and I am going to be doing so much fun stuff that I can blog about. I haven't posted in months (literally) because I took a "Internet consecration". Basically I wasn't on the Internet for a while so that I could get myself in the habit of spending more time with God, and less doing mindless things. I deleted my Tumblr. Long story, but it needed to happen. It was my biggest issue in many ways. I am still not on my twitter and facebook but will return soon. But I decided to get back here because I like this blog and missed it.

      There are going to be an abundance of things that I am uber psyched about because I have been wanting to do them for a long time! I bought a NICE camera to document it all, and finally I will get around to making those youtube videos I chatted about on here last time. I have started accomplishing two things on my ongoing bucket list (that I will update). One of which is learning to cook. My mother runs her own business downtown on Friday and Saturday so she is unable to cook dinner on Saturday night. I took the advantage of this situation by learning to make something new each week (from scratch) and it has proven very helpful in aiding my incapability to cook something other than eggs, which I just found out that I am allergic to, and Ramen noodles. The other bucket list goal I'm working on is reading 100 books in a year.