Monday, May 5, 2014

Doctor Who Comic Series

       These are truly a pleasure to read, as a whovian and a comic book enthusiast. The first comic I read was the 50th anniversary edition and it featured the Doctor being transported to the real world in which we live in (outside of the TV show) and everyone calling him "Matt Smith". It was very funny to see him in complete confusion, and the "real life" Matt Smith wore baggy clothes and sunglasses! It had such a fantastic lesson that the Doctor learns as well. He gets to see how this TV show has inspired people to chase after their dreams and discover new talents. How Doctor Who has united them to become a strong arsenal of proud geeky people. AMAZING!!!!! If you see it, pick it up. I give it a five out of five sweater vests.

      The second comic that I read, also Doctor Who, was enjoyable but not as impressive. Two out of five Cybermen.

This comic series is from IDW Publishing. The comic book in photo one is the "Doctor Who Special 2013 #1", illustrated by Jimmy Braxton, and written by Paul Cornell (cover by Jimmy Braxton and Mark Buckingham). The second comic book is from the "Prisoners of Time" series, issue 10 released on the 13th of November 2013, edited by Scott & David Tipton, illustrated by Elena Casagrande,  edited by David J. Tipton, and lettered by Tom B. Long.

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