Sunday, May 4, 2014

Spring Cleaning

     Time for an update! I know that I have changed the title to this blog billions of times, but I am finally satisfied with one: "Running Erinns". Little story about this and  then I'll get to the update. Whenever someone says that they have to "run some errands" I always hear my name and have often been confused. Well I also feel like the whole point of this blog is to share my life from people to possibly inspire or give a good chuckle to someone. I'm pretty much on the run with school and things like that so running erinns is the story of my life. My journey my adventures. Hope the title sticks too :)

     Besides the blog title update I am finishing the school year. I'm almost a senior! Wow...anyways the summer is sooo close and I am going to be doing so much fun stuff that I can blog about. I haven't posted in months (literally) because I took a "Internet consecration". Basically I wasn't on the Internet for a while so that I could get myself in the habit of spending more time with God, and less doing mindless things. I deleted my Tumblr. Long story, but it needed to happen. It was my biggest issue in many ways. I am still not on my twitter and facebook but will return soon. But I decided to get back here because I like this blog and missed it.

      There are going to be an abundance of things that I am uber psyched about because I have been wanting to do them for a long time! I bought a NICE camera to document it all, and finally I will get around to making those youtube videos I chatted about on here last time. I have started accomplishing two things on my ongoing bucket list (that I will update). One of which is learning to cook. My mother runs her own business downtown on Friday and Saturday so she is unable to cook dinner on Saturday night. I took the advantage of this situation by learning to make something new each week (from scratch) and it has proven very helpful in aiding my incapability to cook something other than eggs, which I just found out that I am allergic to, and Ramen noodles. The other bucket list goal I'm working on is reading 100 books in a year.

      This challenge is super fun right now. The requirements are that 1.I read 100 books in 365 days and 2.Each book must be at least 30 pages or it doesn't count. If someone else wants to join my goal with me I would love to hear what you are reading or any recommendations for books. I also am going to take a photo of myself with each book and, depending on my mood and the tools I have on hand, will be dressing up my face like the character vibes in the books. This should be lots of fun and I'll give my brief opinion of each novel with the photo. Thanks for hanging around!


  1. I usually plan a goal to read 100 books every year (I'm waiting for the year I have time to read 200). Good reads can help you keep track if you're interested (also you can rate books, review books, and find books you want to read, organize your books by shelves, and get suggestions based on what you like). But I've always kept track myself because that's fun. :) I'm failing horribly this year. I've only gotten to 27 so far, and more than half are probably because of school (or because they are kids books. which I shouldn't count, but I do! xP)

    This is a great idea btw. :) I like the creative aspects you want to include also.


    1. That's fantastic! I'm on thirty now. I hit a speed bump and it took me a while to finish the book I was reading, but I'm fine now :)