Friday, March 7, 2014

Hello, hello, hello!

      I know that I haven't written in a while, that's all due to school work and blah dee blah. During this break time though I have been pondering different ways for me to communicate with all of you at the next level, and amp up the fun. Because quite honestly this can become slightly boring to read at times and you can't always see my personality shining through sooooooooooooo I will be doing YouTube videos!!!!!!!!!! I'll put a link up because It's under a different name (Currently) because my sister wanted to start a channel with me. Request what videos/tutorials you want to see. Any questions, just ask:)

      I have so many random plans for the videos and I don't want to spill all of my secrets yet, but I can tell you that there will be some Bible study stuff and lessons occasionally, but I really want this to be geared towards having fun as a christian and modest ways to dress (Stuff like that). Kind of like a video diary of a faithful girl, without being INYOURFACEANDINYOURSPACE "I'M A CHRISTIAN". Because that honestly would be annoying and I wouldn't want to watch that at all. I'll do typicall YouTube videos and all that jazz. Just let me know what you're interested in seeing.

                                                Lots of Love- Erinn x.

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