Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Walking Dead: First Time Again

      And we're back with an amazing, blood-pumping season opener! I finally was spooked again by a walker, and I enjoyed it. Though I highly doubt I would want that in real life! RIP Carter. We picked up this season right where we left off: Porch Dick was killed as well as Deanna's husband Reg. We then get to see some of the most interesting flash backs I've witnessed on television. Way to go production team for not making it another run of the mill flashback episode.

      While I'm at it I want to proclaim my deep love for the black and white footage. I wish there was a way I could watch all of the previous seasons, as well as some of my other television shows, in black and white. I have a weakness for this kind of footage. I could see everything clearer and the details were PHENOMENAL! Someone needs to find a way to do that, or hey, maybe I will!

      I was happy to see some new/familiar faces last night from the comic books, as well as the breathtaking shot of the zombie pit.

      It was nice to see some of Rick's humanity return to him, or should I say start of apocalypse personality... either way I believe Morgan's return will be a blessing.

      I can't wait until the next episode, what am I saying?!?! THIS SEASON! It's nice to return here. I promise the Supernatural reviews are coming, and just so you know I don't have cable and these reviews will be up the day after their release.

                                                                Don't drop the jam!!
                                                                -Erinn Leach

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