Friday, November 6, 2015

Supernatural: Thin Lizzie

                         SPOOKY WOOKIE DETECTOR!!!! That should be the review, just that.

      I've been re-watching the series with my mom, and this episode reminded me of how much I love episodes revolving around ghosts. Yes, I know there wasn't really a ghost but soul-less people are pretty close. Interesting twist, and I also enjoyed the mention of Ghostfacers.

      The Lizzie Borden house is where last Wednesday's episode of Supernatural took place. My love for episodes where they can go on smaller hunts while it still ties to the bigger threat, knows no bounds. Lizzie Borden is a favorite of mine, and I felt a connection to Len the fanboy. Okay, I don't stalk buildings that I'm not allowed to go into...wait I do that. Well I didn't lose my soul, sorry Len. Len was a cool guy, and his whole deep reflection thing sparked some of my own. Supernatural, you always have do that to me.

      I'm happy to see that the boys are trying to grasp onto their original mission "saving people. Hunting things. The family buisness". Though the Winchester's can't do a 180 and be who they were before (hello purgatory and countless vessels), they can apply their original passion to what is happening currently. It's refreshing, and it pleases my fangirl heart.

                                                  It's okay to have a "fetish for serial killers"

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