Monday, November 2, 2015

Supernatural: Baby

      I'm still lost in the beauty that was last week's episode of Supernatural. I've spent most of my free time reading and watching the Supernatural casts' panels at various conventions. These guys are such humble people, it makes me very happy to be a part of this family. This being said, I'm marking this episode as one of my favorites. Top 25:)

      Seeing an entire episode from the Impala's perspective was refreshing. This episode had me squeeking. You read that right. Sometimes I make a noise I can only describe as squeeking, when I'm overwhelmed with joy. I mean, come on! Don't deny seeing close ups of the army men, legos, and carved initials didn't get to you.

      This episode with the not-ghoulpires (though I would totally call them that if that's what they were) reminded me of the evil dead movies. The scene where Dean is doing every possible thing to kill the creature, and the campy-ness of it is where I'm coming from. I know people tend to hate filler episodes, but this show needs the somewhat peaceful-relief. When darkness is all that consumes the brother's lives, a simple hunt and a storyline that follows the only home the boys know, it's welcomed with open arms.

      I'm also reminded of the tears I let out at the end when the brothers talk about them being home in the Impala. It got to me, and reminded me of all of the lessons I've learned from watching the two of them fight through the hard times.

       As a final note, I finally convinced my mom to watch the show:)))

                                                         Have a thrill-filled week!

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