Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Walking Dead: Conquer


Okay so there was no physical crying on my end tonight, but internally I was crying because Father Gabriel is still alive. This season Finally was a satisfying one to say the least. 

Morgan appears to be the only person in this world that seems truly at peace. Every life is precious. Even men that mean to kill and use him as bait were given the chance to survive, He honked the horn to find out if his coast was clear, and shut the door to give them the option between life and death.

Starting with Glenn and Maggie: Maggie is becoming more like her father everyday. The strength between the two of them is phenomenal, separately making the same decision to spare justifiable bloodshed. Both had reason to kill these betrayers, considering one let walkers in and the other fired their gun, but they chose to keep the blood off of their hands.  What's to come of Nicholas? Glenn's obviously done with him. And did anyone else notice the weird shape on the side of Father Gabriel's hip? Is it a weapon? I really hope not.

Sasha...I found her actions strangely calming. I know, I know. Laying down in a pit of double-deceased walkers could warrant the title of "town lunatic", but her peace is found in this version of the world. She's camouflaged by their smell and hidden from the the vain society that is in need of her protection.

Rick wasn't only leveled by Michonne but sleep brought him back to reality. Good to see justice served at the end, and the Alexandrian's are finally coming to terms with the world's downfall.

Daryl and Aaron about gave me a heart attack tonight. I ADORED the boney woman walker under the trailer. She reminded me of Stephen King's Creepshow. Other than that, Daryl's triple chain whip was everything I never knew I needed. I vote new weapon of choice! It's the little things that make me happy.  The wolves are brilliant in their own strange nature. I like their addition to the story line.  

I can't wait to see what season 6 has in store for us and the gang. And if you didn't get to see the Fear The Walking Dead sneak peak, go watch it! I'm ecstatic to see the beginnings of the apocalypse. Something about sudden zombie home invasion and desperate, overcrowded trips to the store where a can of beans could mean your death...yesss.

Until next season!
-Erinn xx

*I'll be returning to reviewing lots of other random fandom things with you all in the next week!

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