Sunday, January 12, 2014

My Bucket List

      Yes it may seem a bit silly for a seventeen year old to have already started writing a bucket list. The truth behind why I started writing one now is because I'll have that much more time (Hopefully) to check off the things on my list. Doesn't sound that silly anymore now does it?

      I have to give credit for the idea of posting this on my blog to my dear friend charity. She is an amazing girl that I met at school my sophomore year. She was just telling me the other day in chemistry class that she has a blog and that she blogs about her bucket list. I thought this was a fantastic idea, and in NO MEANS am I trying to steal that from her. Eventually I'll put the link to her blog up, but I can't find it right now.

      If you don't know what a bucket list is, here is my definition: A list of adventures both big, and little, that you would like to take before you pass away. This could be anything from going to another country, to trying ice cream for the first time. It's a list of dreams that you would like to accomplish, that you lay out for yourself to see and check off the items as you accomplish them.

Here is my Bucket List so far :
1. Learn to square dance
2. Go cliff jumping
3. Learn how to surf
4. Try to ski
5. Learn how to do a cartwheel
6. Hit a bulls eye on a dartboard
7. Go snorkeling
8. Ride on a horse
9. Run through a field full of flowers
10. Let go of a floating lantern
11. Donate Blood
12. Visit a castle
13. Go to England
14. Go to Ireland
14. Bake a cake and give it to someone
15. Go to a drive in movie
16. Try a macaroon
17. Be in two places at once
18. Visit all 50 U.S states
19. See the Grand Canyon
20. Visit Mt. Rushmore
21. Drive down Route 66
22. See the New Years Eve ball drop in Times Square
23. Go to a Broadway show
24. Shop on Black Friday
25. Send a message in a bottle
26. Read the entire Bible
27. Go to another country
28. Touch a pregnant woman's belly
29. Go to a Nascar race
30. Eat fried green tomatoes while watching "Fried Green Tomatoes"
31. Swing on a rope into water
32. Ride in a train
33. Ride in an airplane
34. Play paintball
35. Run in a race
36. Get concealed carry permit
37. Get my drivers license
38. Graduate High school
39. Complete a colouring book
40. Brew sweet tea
41. Swim with dolphins (or kiss a dolphin)
42. Rock climb
43. Chop down a Christmas tree
44. Watch the sunrise
45. Watch the sunset
46. Have my own star
47. Watch baby turtles hatch
48. Write a book
49. Carve into a tree
50. Build a sand castle
51. Kiss the Blarney Stone
52. See the northern lights
53. Jump in a pool fully clothed
54. Throw paint-filled eggs at a canvas
55. Make a wish in the Trevi fountain
56. Go on a road trip with my best friend
57.  Be an extra in a movie
58. Kiss my future husband in the rain
59. Eat pizza in New York
60. Eat a Philly cheese steak in Philadelphia
61. Visit Ground Zero
62. Be in a live TV audience
63. Be on TV
64. Sleep under the stars
65. Run in a colour run
66. Throw a surprise party
67. Get married
68. Have children
69. Sponsor a child
70. Ride on the back of a motorcycle
71. Solve a Rubik's cube
72. Do a 2014 memory jar
73. See a show at the Grand Ole Opry
74. Dye part of my hair a crazy colour
75. Kiss my future husband under the mistletoe
76. Go somewhere new every year
77. Read 100 books in a year

      This list is on-going. I'll update as I cross some off and when I add more. I crossed off the ones that I've already done. I'll post about some of the few that I have done in the future. I hope that this inspires you :)

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  1. This is definitely an inspiration! (and it's interesting to see the things we have in common on our bucket list & even things we've both gotten to cross off on our bucket list [one together, it appears]) :) I should write all mine down! :D

    *Ever need to release a floating lantern, I have a few left I think ;)