Monday, January 13, 2014

Anthem Lights

      I'm sure we all have our favorite bands, and enjoy going to concerts. I am a regular concert attendee. I try to go to a few throughout the year. My favorite christian band is called "Anthem Lights". It's a group of highly talented men (Whose names are Alan, Chad, Caleb, and Joey) who share the love of God through music. My good friend Jaime introduced them to me a few years ago. I highly recommend checking out their tunes. Suggestions: "Lifeline" or "Circles". They also do amazing covers of popular songs, like One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful/One Thing/Gotta Be You" and a Justin Timberlake mash-up. I wanted to post photos from the first and second time I saw them live. Here they are:
                                                        Joey (above), Chad (below)
                                                                     Caleb (below)

       After the concert was over they had an autograph line, we were the last in line. Once we got up to the front I asked Chad if I could get a picture (because we were last, and they weren't taking pictures with anyone else because of the time). He said yes, so we got this picture really quick as the security guards were kicking us out :)
       After we were kicked out of the room where the concert was (We were at a convention center), we went to get a group picture with the Reach sign. All of the sudden Caleb and Donald tried to photobomb us! Then they jumped in our group picture (Donald is the one in front of the "E" and Caleb is the head inside of the "R").
       This is the second time that I saw them in concert. Alan (One of the guys in the band) wasn't there the second time either (Last time Donald filled in for him, this time they just went on the three of them. It was still amazing).

      And these lovely ladies in the photo below are Fallon (Left,Chad's wife) and Kelsey (Right, Caleb's Fiance, and part of a fabulous christian girls group "1 Girl Nation"). They both were so nice and fun to talk to. I told Kelsey that she looked like Ariel (Little Mermaid). She started giggling, saying "Thank you", and told Caleb what I said. He replied "You just made her whole day". It was an amazing day!

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  1. We need to see them again soon! :D

    *I love that you told Kelsey she looked like Ariel! She did. Beautiful. :)