Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New year. New me.

      This year (so far) I have been able to stick to four out of five of my New Years Revolutions: Eating healthy, Exercising, Spending more time with my sister, and not Procrastinating. The fifth one is to stop fighting with my sister...working on it.

      I have a fantastic lunch planned for tomorrow! I'll put up pictures tomorrow :) The whole eating healthy thing has been something that I've been wanting to do but I never had the confidence to do it, or the motivation. Truth is...I love food. But I'm finding so many amazing recipes and alternatives on Pinterest. If you don't have a Pinterest, I suggest that you join, it's completely worth it. Enough advertising...

      Exercising. Being totally honest. I have fun afterwards and it feels rewarding, but during the workout... not so much. I haven't been running. HA! Soon enough I may start. I've been doing arm excercises and other workouts on seventeen magazine's website.

      Spending time with my sister. We have been spending all kinds of time together. We actually started watching a bunch of shows on Netflix...guilty pleasure. It's so good!!!! Anyways we've been doing the workouts together. We're doing all kinds of things and it is so much fun :) I love her!

      I'll update you on photos and all of that hallabelughia. Got more beautiful sunrise photos:)

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