Monday, December 1, 2014

Updates and info for all of you lovely people!

      I have lots to update you on so here we go!!!
  • As I have apologized many times for not being constant on this blog, here I am saying sorry again. Good news though, my study hall class at school has computers so I should be able to update a few times a week. YAY
  • I'm adding new content to this blog. In the past I've blogged about books and just life in general. That isn't going to end because life continually happens and books are being read. I am going to also blog about music. As you may know from the past few posts, music has been a heavy influence in my recovery. I thought it would be cool to blog about new music/bands I'm listening to. This way you can add more to your musical libraries! 
  • By adding music, I am adding a new page at the top of this blog (like my bucket list page). That page will have the new album I'm listening to, a link to my album review for said album, and a recommended song to check out. 
  • another tab will be an upcoming dates tab so you all know what I'm doing. haha
  • I deleted my list of 100 books in a year for 2014 because I failed and only made it to like 23. whomp whomp waaaaaaa. Oh well, next year I'll try to get closer
  • and you're still awesome
That's all folks! 
-Erinn xx

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