Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Lots of things are happening

      Woohoo I can finally write this post. My computer had to do some updating and shut down just as I started writing this post 10 minutes ago. This is the last time, I promise, that I'm saying sorry for not being on here. I'm feeling top-notch and super happy! Started working at an amazing art studio as an apprentice, LOVE IT!! So that marked the end of my job struggles. I also am in the home stretch of my senior year! I'm happy and so delighted to be back on here sharing thoughts and insights on reading materials, music, and so much more :)

 *more on this man later*

      So I finished Psych today:(((( OH THE TEARSSSSSSSSSS and laughter. Amazing series that I would recommend to everyone. It's a crime show with lots of humor. It'll always have a little piece of my heart. Now I'm starting Smallville, and trying to finish How I Met Your Mother, The Office, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, X Files, and some others that I'm sure I'm sadly forgetting. Decided that 100 books in a year isn't a challenge enough, so I'm also attempting 100 films as well.

      Back to that beautiful man, I decided to watch everything that Jensen Ackles was in. Crazy, but he's some of my favorite actors and real life personalities. Genuine guy with a loving family:) Well unfortunately I discovered that a few of the things he was in isn't available on dvd and I'm having a hard time hunting them down online. If anyone has links to the episodes he appeared in of Days Of Our Lives or Mr. Rhodes, please let me know. I'll do some more digging, and share if I find anything. He was on a show called Still Life that never aired on television, and I'm telling you it would have been one of the greatest shows on television. It had such a great plot, and the pilot episode can be found on youtube. 

       So during this quest to find his films, and a renewed joy, I stumbled down the rabbit hole that is my local library's website. On said website you can look through the entire county's library collection and request books to be sent to the one nearest you. I have one a few blocks away...dangerously close. Well I ended my search with 28 holds. Here are my first two pick-ups:

      So yeah...I have lots to read, watch, and review. Be ready for a storm of posts and lots of supernatural adventures! This isn't even all of it yet.

Signing off, Erinn xx

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  1. Ooh! The 100 films idea is super cool (especially for you). I'll definitely be looking forward to what you're watching. :)

    Also I'm glad you're happy and you have a job using your art! That's fantastic (if i haven't already told you that--I think it's perfect).

    I'm not 100% the Jensen Ackles Days of Our Lives episode will be on youtube in full, but you might want to check there if you haven't. I know they had SOMETHING from it on youtube because they used in Supernatural episode as a joke.

    And I love the picture of the stack of books/movies. It looks lovely. :)