Monday, September 28, 2015

Flooding your feed

      I'm going to wrap this apology/explanation up real quick. I took another break, not intended, but none the less it happened. I read a few books, started some new shows, more on that in a bit, and I've been working. And cut!

      As you all know, fall is my television thriving time. Reviews will be, like the title suggested, FLOODING YOUR FEED. I've missed being on here and I wasn't quite sure if any of you would be interested in reading reviews for shows that have been canceled...Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Mad Men, Ghost Whisperer, X-Files (although it's coming back *excited spasm*), and The Following (technically). I've just decided to post those reviews regardless, because even though we don't really need more shows to watch, we will anyways :)

      I, stupidly, didn't know there was a name for the beautiful creatures like Bigfoot, Mothman, and the Goatman. So upon falling down rabbit holes I discovered Cryptozoology, and I can't get enough! It's like the rush of knowledge I get from episodes of Supernatural when they encounter the Wendigo, or even Fairies. I'm reading real-life accounts and falling in love with the unexplained.

      I'm going to be taking part in a new podcast coming out relatively soon called "Arcanauts", where me and two of my lady friends will be discussing all of the fantastical things that occur on this earth and beyond.

      And final piece of awesome news, I've decided that I want to recreate John Winchester's journal. Lucky for me, there have been a few people that have posted their research on the Internet and are thus making it less difficult for me to achieve this task. I'll link everything in future posts, and I'll post current updates/tips on how I'm doing as far as re-creating this masterpiece of a journal.

                                                 Here's to the upcoming months of FEELS!

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