Monday, February 10, 2014

Changing it up

      Hey there. You might have noticed that I changed the background to my lovely blog, for the wonderful holiday coming up this week. VALENTINES DAY!!!!!!! I would just like to say that I have been single for my entire life, and I still have fun on valentines day. If you're single as well, don't feel sorry for yourself. It's better to not be in a relationship, than to be in one that is terrible.

      So if you find yourself single on this 14th of February get yourself some candy, a card, or a flower. They're selling roses at my school and I might get one for myself... that sounds sad but I'm okay with that. Another idea is to go see a movie with your best friends. One year I saw the movie "Valentines Day" in theater with my parents and my aunt and uncle. It was quite awkward because my parents sat on my left, then there was an empty chair, me, empty chair, my aunt and uncle. Single pringle here! Oh well, the movie was enjoyable and I didn't have to share my popcorn with anyone :)

      One last thing that I would like to close up with, that I shared on the 31 Girls page is this. Whenever I'm asked "Why don't you have a boyfriend"? I just smile and say that I'm not looking for that right now. The truth is yeah, having a boyfriend looks like fun, but I can wait. I don't want to date a bunch of people that I'm not attracted to and that don't have a relationship with Jesus. When the time comes, God will show me someone that has their heart in the right place. But for right now I am satisfied. I follow a God that has unimaginable love. It never ends. He forgives me every time I mess up and is right there for me to talk to at any moment. Is it like having a boyfriend? Kind of I guess, but it's so much more. That is why I'm perfectly content being single.


  1. love it!! Here is the article I posted about this same topic a little while ago(:

  2. The whole waiting thing for the right guy is a great mindset to have! Following God is the right step, because He will show you the right guy at the right time. I know I don't have a lot of experience yet, but I waited a good many years (almost 20!) and I think it was worth to find someone who loves Jesus and has a heart after God! :D


  3. Thanks for all of the encouragement :) I'm in no hurry

  4. Makes me think of the Anthem Lights song, Hide your love away. Perfect for this!